Breast Cancer Screening

Experts predict that for every 250 women screened for Breast Cancer in the UK one life is saved.

In the USA though it is predicted that a life is saved every 2970 screenings.

Why such a difference? Well perhaps it was a variation in the cross section of those results or perhaps the results are skewed.

Whatever the reason one thing is for sure if a life is saved either every 250 screenings or 2970 screenings it is worth every effort.

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Jade Goody Praised

The Model Katie Price paid tribute to Jade Goody and told of how she had opened a lot of eyes to the risk of cervical cancer.

The 30 year old also known as the model Jordan said that she herself would seek to be checked for cervical cancer.

The sad passing of Jade featured highly in the media, and the increased awareness of cervical cancer must be seen as a positive legacy from Jade.

At a time when it is revealed cancer survival rates in the UK are lagging behind other parts of europe the importance of screening and early detection should not be wasted.

What do you think of Jade Goody’s contribution?

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Late Diagnosis

The family of a 19-year-old who died just two days after finding out he had cancer is considering taking legal action.

Christopher Chaffey, of Swine Lane, in Coniston, died on September 20, 2008 after it was discovered he had an aggressive form of lymphoma.

An inquest heard the cancer was not detected despite Mr Chaffey’s 12 contacts with health experts in just over a year - mostly with GPs - and one visit to Hull Royal Infirmary’s accident and emergency department on July 19.

Following the inquest, which today recorded a narrative verdict, Mr Chaffey’s parents said they were considering taking action against GP Dr Joseph Austin as well as Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Speaking on behalf of the family, solicitor Ian Sprakes said: “The family want to have a few weeks of reflection and they will then consider their options and consider possible civil action against the GP and the trust.”

Source: Hull Daily Mail

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Medical Errors

In it’s latest report the Healthcare Commission said one in ten patients would be subjected to error and half of these could have been avoided.

Wide ranging errors have led to patients being harmed and include wrong diagnosis, wrong doses of medication, operating on the wrong body site and paperwork going astray.

Within the report it was claimed that the National Patient Safety Agency received 959,000 incidents of errors in 2007/8.

Worryingly though information about missed diagnoses and late diagnoses will not show up on anyone’s register of incidents of untoward events.

The NHS and our health providers have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for employees and patients alike.

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Breast Cancer

In the UK the most common form of Cancer is Breast Cancer,

Incidence rates have been steadily increasing over the last 25 years, and  with an expected incident rate upwards of 45,000 for next year it is plain things must change for the better.

The NHS Breast Screening programme saves upwards of 1400 women per year by early detection.

However Breast Cancer is not just a female problem as 300 men a year are diagnosed with the disease.

Like all cancers early detection and treatment are vital for a meaningful recovery. Unfortunately, for whatever reason there are still many instances when health care professionals let their patients down.

Failure to diagnose Breast Cancer or indeed a misdiagnosis of the condition may well have grave consequencies for the sufferer.

The positive news though is more and more people are surviving Breast Cancer with early detection providing survival rates of over 8 years.

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